Steven Newman

A Mini Documentary about my journey starting Mahatma Productions, a company based around my artistic talents I started in 2018 in order to sustain my creative habits and making a living doing what I love.

Founder of Mahatma Productions, guitarist, music producer, laser wizard, graphic design and visual artist. Mahatma Productions was born out of Steven’s eclectic influences and diverse interests. He created this organization to be an outlet for each of his crazy ideas and finding a way to engage with the world as an artist. Steven grew up in Amsterdam, the Netherlands moving to Colorado in his second decade on Earth. He studied International Business and Philosophy at the University of Denver but channels his entrepreneurial and mystical wisdom into his art. A self taught guitarist, music producer and visual artist, Steven creates works that are directly influenced by his spiritually heightened encounters with higher dimensional reality through meditation, yoga, entheogens, spiritual practice, esoteric studies and just Being HUMAN. Thanks for reading this bio, I love you and want you to love me and buy my art :) Blessings!